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Can I use email commands or parameters to set specific ticket criteria?

Updated: 09/11/2019
Article #: 203

Yes, Cayzu allows you to pass parameters or commands to your help desk email address to set specific ticket attributes such as a ticket's priority, who it's assigned to and the status of the ticket. 


When the agent receives an email notification that a new ticket has been submitted or a new reply has been added to a customers existing ticket. He/She can simply click reply to that email notification and pass any of the following email commands to set the ticket attributes:


At the top of the email body:






where {priority} is the priority of the ticket. Example: #priority{high} 
where {agent_email} is the agent's email address. Example: #agent_email{} 
where {status} is the status of the ticket. Example: #status{resolved}  


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