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Does Cayzu allow you to permission the tickets (ticket scope) an agent can view?

Updated: 07/11/2018
Article #: 129

When you create a new agent or edit an existing one in Cayzu, you have the ability to define the ticket scope that determines what tickets the agent can view.

There are three level of access you can choose from:

Full Access:
Can view all tickets and access all areas of the help desk.

Group Access:
Can view tickets in their group(s) and tickets assigned to them.

Limited Access:
Can view tickets assigned to them.



To Edit an Agent's Permission follow these steps:


Step 1. Log in to Cayzu as an Administrator


Step 2. Click Admin (From the left menu)


Step 3. Click Agents/Roles/Groups from the left side menu 


Step 4. Click Edit on the desired Agent


Step 5. Scroll down and Select the appropriate permission under Help Desk Access: 


Step 6. Once complete, Click Save.


Your agent will now follow this new permission.  


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