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Can I create multiple products in Cayzu?

Updated: 12/19/2017
Article #: 107

Yes, Cayzu supports the ability to create multiple products and brands.   Cayzu allows you to create multiple products which are linked to a specific brand and knowledge base item(s).  This is useful when you support multiple products that each have their own set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For example, FAQs from Product A wouldn’t be displayed if the customer selected to get help for Product B.  The product field can be exposed to your customers when they are requesting help via a custom form on your end-user customer portal.    


To set up or edit products, follow these steps;


Step 1. Log in to your Cayzu Help Desk account with an administrative account  

Step 2. Click on Admin (left menu)

Step 3. Click on Products from the left hand menu and select Add Product to add a new product (Edit to modify the default Product)


Step 4. Once complete, Click Save to update your product list.




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