Choosing the Right Color for Your Theme

Updated: 12/06/2021
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Choosing the right color for your theme is very important.  Usually the best color for your End-User Portal theme is a dark, non-black color that is prominent in your logo.  


You want to use the EXACT color from your logo and you can see how to do that below.

To find the EXACT color# of a dark, non-black color in your logo, first upload a copy of your logo here:


Then, click on the logo in the color area that you want.  In this example, I clicked in the orange part of the FedEx logo.  You can see that it changes the color in the bottom left preview square to orange and shows you the HTML color code (in this case #EA6215).

Copy that code (including the “#” sign) into the Custom color box.  




Note, you won’t see the “Theme Color” button unless you have enough permissions and have clicked the “Customize Page” button.



Let’s look at some examples:


The Dell logo is simple because it only has one color so we obviously want that exact color for our theme.


The Burger king logo has two good options.  The blue and the red.  The yellow isn’t good because it is a light color.  



The Altemetric logo is a tough one since it has many colors.  The Adidas is difficult because it is only black and you shouldn’t pick that as a color.  In both cases, usually look at the color the company uses on its website or twitter page.  To find out the color#, you can take a screenshot and upload the picture into the site above and follow those instructions.


For branding instructions see this FAQ.



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