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Customizing your end-user portal settings

Updated: 09/04/2018
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Here is a quick guide on customizing the end-user portal (public customer portal):

Step 1. Log in to Cayzu help desk portal with an administrative account  

Step 2. Click on Admin (left hand menu) 

Step 3. Click on Adjust Settings (Under End-User Portal Settings)

A list of options are available that let you customize how your public end-user portal will function. 



Here are the options explained:


1- Users can submit tickets without logging in


This allows your users to be able to submit tickets without having to register(sign -up) or log in to submit a ticket.


2- Allow users to sign up from the customer portal

Allow users to sign-in using Google

Allow users to sign-in using Facebook

Allow users to sign-in using LinkedIn 


These Single Sign-On (SSO) options allow your users to sign in using a variety of SSO log in options (Saves from having to remember multiple different passwords)



3-Users can view categories without logging in


This option will allow your users to view folder articles without having to log in.


4- Only allow tickets to be created by company domains / contacts in the system


This option will only accept tickets from contacts and company domains that match EXISTING contacts or domains in your help desk.  Please use this with caution as if a contact/domain does NOT exist, a ticket will NOT be created.


5-Turn off Powered by Cayzu Support


This option turns off the Cayzu branding.  Note: only available in paid accounts.



6-Show time sheet report on end-user portal


This option will enable the time sheet report in the end-user portal for your users.  Users must be logged in to see their time statistics on their tickets. 


7-Hide search on your end-user portal


This option will turn OFF the search bar on your end-user portal.


8- Allow users to sign-in using Cayzu


This option will allow your users to use the Cayzu sign-in mechanism to log in to view tickets (Sign up is required prior to logging in)


9-Allow users to auto sign with encrypted token


This option allows you to sign in using an encrypted token.


10-Allow users to sign-in using Single Sign On


This option allows you to enable SSO including Active Directory integration sign-on.


11- Show Submit Request Link


This option will either show/hide the "Submit a Request" button on the end user portal.


12-Show New Here, Sign-up here Section

Show 4 Feedback Panels Section

Show Feedback Section


These options will allow you to hide these sections respectively: 





13-Show Category Section


Hiding this option will remove the article folders from the end-user portal. 


14-Show who is the ticket assigned to in the end user portal


Enabling this option will show the user which agent their ticket is assigned to after they've logged in. 



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