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Can I create a Whitelist to restrict which email addresses and domains can create tickets?

Updated: 08/14/2019
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Note: This option ONLY allows matching contacts in your help desk to create tickets.  To be more open but still block or allow specific emails/domains to create tickets in your help desk, see this FAQ. 


Note2: This option will take precedence over the whitelist/blacklist (Manage Whitelist/Blacklist).  Meaning if this is enabled, the rules that you set up will be ignored.


Cayzu's whitelist allows you to create a list of emails and domains that are allowed to create tickets in your help desk system.  If this option is turned on, only emails matching the whitelist will be allowed to create tickets. 


To activate your whitelist:



Step 1. Log in to your Cayzu help desk account with an administrative account

Step 2. Click on Admin (left side menu)

Step 3. Click on End-User Portal Settings: Adjust Settings  and choose the Security TAB

Step 4. Now check on: Only allow tickets to be created by company domains / contacts in the system.

Once completed, Cayzu will only receive tickets from emails that match a contact or domain that has been set up as a company.  To better understand, see this below example:


This is in our contact / company list in Cayzu:

Company: ABC



if emails in, Cayzu will store the ticket.

If emails in, it will be rejected.

If emails, Cayzu will store the ticket.



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