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How can I add Dropbox Integration into Cayzu Help Desk?

Updated: 11/10/2017
Article #: 71

Cayzu's integration with dropbox allows easy and simple file sharing that lets your users attach files from their dropbox account into the ticket.

To setup the drop box integration, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Dropbox's Developers Page, and select App Console.

Step 2. Click on Create app button.

Step 3. Select Drop-ins app.

Step 4. Enter an app name and agree to the terms of service and click create app.

Step 5.  Type in your support URL under drop-ins domains (Ex. or and click on Add. 

*Make sure that your app status is enabled. 

Step 6. Copy the App Key on to your clipboard to be used in the next step. 

Step 7. Login to your Cayzu Admin Portal ( 

Step 8. Log in to your Cayzu helpdesk account with an administrative account  

Step 9. Click on the Gear

Step 10. Click on App Integration

Step 11. Click ON next to Dropbox.

Step 12. Paste the App key you copied in the previous step into the correct brand text box and click Update.

Step 13. Now in your end-user portal, you will have an option to attach from Dropbox when submitting a ticket.

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