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How to split a customer response into a new ticket?

Updated: 12/20/2017
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Cayzu gives you the ability to split out customer responses into new tickets.  Split a ticket is primarily used when a customer responds to an already existing ticket with a new problem.  

Splitting a ticket allows your agents to take this new problem and automatically create a new ticket for it.  The customer would receive a new email with a new ticket number, making it easier for your support team to stay organized.

To split a ticket, follow these steps: 

1-Log in to your Agent portal 
2-Click on a ticket from your main ticket grid 
3-Scroll down to the customer message and click the Fork icon: 



4-Provide a subject for the ticket and select an agent and Click Save.


Once this is complete, the customer's response will be automatically moved to a new ticket. 





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