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Can I add a private (internal) note on a ticket?

Updated: 03/01/2019
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Yes. Cayzu Help Desk allows agents to enter private notes on a ticket so you can track your progress or discuss the issue with another agent.  These private notes are called "Internal Notes" and can be added to tickets via the "Internal Note" link. 


Internal notes are NOT emailed to customers/users and are only accessible to agents that are part of your help desk team.   Internal notes can also be targeted towards specific agents.  This allows you to more easily collaborate on tickets with specific agents.  



To add an internal reply on a ticket:

Step 1. Log in to your Cayzu help Desk account

Step 2. Open a ticket 

Step 3. Click on Internal Note




Step 4. (Optional) Target one or many agents by searching their name in the "Send To" field.


Step 5. Once you've completed your note, Click either Send or Update to add the private note into the ticket's thread.  



Note: If an internal note was targeted towards and agent, they will receive an email with the note as well as a visual queue on their ticket grid:







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