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How can I setup an email forward to use my own vanity email address to create tickets?

Updated: 11/03/2017
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By default, your Cayzu helpdesk account comes with a unique address that looks like this:  Any email sent to this address will automatically get converted into a support ticket in your help desk portal. 

If you would rather use a vanity email address that matches your domain, ie -, you will need to setup a forwarding rule in your email provider's system.  


To find your unique email address, see Finding my unique email forwarding address


Since these instructions will be different for each email provider, we've listed links to the most popular ones below:




Microsoft office 365



If you need more assistance please contact your email provider directly or email


Note: Cayzu supports setting up multiple vanity email addresses.  For example, and .  To set up multiple email addresses, see this FAQ


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