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How can I set my end-user customer portal to use my own custom ( vanity ) domain?

Updated: 07/20/2018
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Many business' value their brand identity and want their customers and agents to access their support portal using their own custom URL that matches their marketing website's domain.

For example, instead of pointing your customers and agents to:, you can point them to your own custom domain: 

To accomplish this there are 2 per-requisites:

1. You must be either on a free trial or on our PRO/Freedom plans (SOLO doesn't support custom domains)

2. You've setup a CNAME record in your DNS server to point your custom domain to your Cayzu's company domain (Ex. ).  

To point your support portal to a custom domain, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a CNAME record in your DNS server

a. Log in to your Domain Control Panel for your DNS server
b. Navigate to the DNS or Name Servers section
c. Create a new DNS record and point your custom support URL to your custom domain provided by Cayzu. (Ex. and save it.

Need help finding your customer support URL in the Cayzu portal? See this FAQ

Note: These instructions can differ by DNS host.  If you need assistance with this process, it would be best to get help from your webmaster, server administrator or from your domain's registrar.  

Step 2. Setting up your custom Help desk URL in your Cayzu help desk system

a. Once you've setup the CNAME record, login to your Cayzu portal as an administrator.
b. Click on the Gear in the top right corner and select Admin
c. Click Personalize and then Manage Brands
d. Click on the brand name to display the settings  
e. Now type in your custom support URL,, in the field titled Helpdesk/Portal URL     
f. Once complete Click Save to save the changes.  

To verify that your changes took place (can take up to 24 hours to populate), type in your custom support URL into your web browser and confirm that your end user portal is displayed.


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