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How can I convert my support emails into Cayzu support tickets?

Updated: 12/07/2017
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When you create your Cayzu account, example:, the system automatically assigns you a unique email address that looks like this:  Any email sent to this address will automatically get converted into a support ticket in your Cayzu help desk account.


If you'd like to instead use your own custom email address, ie- , follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Cayzu helpdesk account with an administrative account 


Step 2. Click on Admin (left menu) 


Step 3. Click on Personalize from the left hand menu and select the brand that you'd like to get the system created email address for


Step 4. Once on the Brand page, look for the field called: "Forward Emails To:" (It will resemble this: )


Step 5. Copy this email address and now setup a rule in your email provider's system to forward incoming emails coming from to be forwarded to your given Cayzu email ID ( )


Step 6. Once complete, test the forward by sending an email to  The test email that you just sent should go into your Cayzu helpdesk as a new ticket. 


Step 7. (Optional) There is a chance that your receiver's email system might catch your ticket emails as SPAM.  This happens if you haven't authenticated to send emails on your behalf.  To ensure the successful delivery of emails, you should create an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record in your DNS server(s) to include (with "x" being your brand's name) .

Learn more about setting up an SPF record

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