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Add a timesheet explained

Updated: 11/29/2018
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Cayzu Helpdesk allows agents to track the time they spend on a ticket through timesheets.  Timesheets are attached to individual tickets and are also available as a consolidated report (Timesheet Report).


After clicking Add Time these fields will be presented:


Agent: Search and select the agent that worked on the ticket.  

Date: Select the date that the work was performed. 

Hours: Fill in the hours that were worked on this ticket or ticket thread (Tickets can contain multiple time entries)

Task: Select how the work was performed (Phone, on-site, email etc..) 

Billable: Is the work performed billable? (If not selected the time entry will still appear in the worksheet as non-billable) 

Internal Memo: Private notes put in by the agent to describe the work performed.  These notes are stored in both the worksheet and Timesheet report.  


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