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How to allow end-users to utilize assets in conjunction with your end-user portal

Updated: 01/04/2019
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Asset Management allows you to create & track your own company's assets (computers, cars, phones etc..) as well as assets that belong to your contacts and/or companies that you service or manage.


Before beginning to learn how to associate an asset to a company and/or contact, see these FAQs:



Assets were created to be able to be exposed and used by both your agents and end-users (contacts) when trying to answer or get support.



Allowing End-users to select their assets when submitting a ticket:


To enable this option follow these steps: 


1. Log in to your agent portal using an administrative agent account

2. Click Admin (left menu)

3. Click Manage Custom Forms

4. Click Edit on the form you'd like to enable asset selection on

5. Check on the radio button: Show assets and Click Save at the bottom of the page.

6. This will now enable end-users to log in to your end user portal, and select an asset BEFORE submitting a ticket.


This is how it will work for your end-user:


7.The end-user that has at least one associated asset belonging to him/her will first navigate to your end-user portal (Example:


8.Once signed in, they will choose the form (from step 4 above).  They will then have the option to select an Asset Class and a then a specific asset as seen below: 




9. Once the ticket is submitted, you, as an agent, will see the associated asset in the ticket: 





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