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How to utilize assets associated to a company/contact in support tickets as an agent

Updated: 01/04/2019
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Asset Management allows you to create & track your own company's assets (computers, cars, phones etc..) as well as assets that belong to your contacts and/or companies that you service or manage.


Before beginning to learn how to associate an asset to a company and/or contact, see these FAQs:


Assets were created to be able to be exposed and used by both your agents and end-users (contacts) when trying to answer or get support.



Utilizing Assets as an agent within a support ticket:

Assets can be linked to specific contact's or companies.  As contacts submit tickets an agent can click either the contact's/company name or MORE>Linked assets to quickly see the contact's associated assets: 




After a ticket is submitted by an end-user that chose an asset as part of the ticket creation, the asset will also be listed on the ticket's side menu: 






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