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Using the Whitelist and Blacklist to control emails hitting your help desk

Updated: 02/01/2019
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You can control access to your Cayzu help desk portal by adding end-users' email addresses and domains to your blacklist and whitelist. Using the blacklist, you can prevent specific or all users from registering and submitting support tickets via email, or you can allow specific or all users to access your Cayzu help desk and submit support requests via email, using the whitelist.


The blacklist and whitelist can help you create rules for accepting or rejecting user's emails. Any email that is suspended because of the blacklist will be added to the suspended queue and flagged. 

Your whitelist will automatically override (take precedence over) your blacklist. For example, if you blacklisted a specific domain, but whitelisted a user with that email domain, they will be given access to create a ticket. 


To add to your whitelist/blacklist: 


1. Log in to your Cayzu Help Desk agent portal using an administrative account

2. Click Admin (left menu)

3. Click Manage Whitelist/Blacklist 

4. Click Add Whitelist or Add Blacklist 

5. Using the pop up, choose if the "From email" (email from your user) "is" a specific address or "contains" a specific domain and then Click Save.

6. Your specific email or domain will now be added to either your Whitelist or Blacklist.



If you'd like to add a specific address to either your Whitelist or Blacklist, you'd select "IS" and add their email address.  ie-




If you'd like to add a customer's domain instead to either your whitelist or blacklist , you'd select "Contains" and add their domain. ie- .





*Whitelist and Blacklist only applies to email.  Tickets submitted via forms are not considered and will be accepted.  To accept ONLY tickets from contacts/companies in your help desk, follow this FAQ.  This option will take precedence over the above.  Meaning that if this option is turned ON, the above whitelist/black list will be ignored. 



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