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What information does Cayzu need to issue a new SSL (encryption) certificate for my end-user customer portal?

Updated: 11/22/2017
Article #: 208

All Cayzu accounts receive a no-cost SSL certificate for their end-user customer portal.


To request an SSL cert, please follow these steps: 


Step 1. Ensure that your end-user portal URL is correct (For example, if using a vanity domain like have that set up beforehand .  


Step 2. Login to your Cayzu Help Desk agent portal with an administrative account 


Step 3. Click Admin (left menu)


Step 4. Click Manage Brands under Brands


Step 5. Click Edit on the Brand that you'd like to enable SSL for.


Step 6. Click "Force End-User Customer Portal to use SSL" and read/agree to the terms and then Click Save at the bottom.


Now wait about 10 minutes and your end-user portal should now be using your own SSL certificate. 



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