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What is Round Robin and how do I enable it?

Updated: 08/28/2018
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Cayzu’s native Round Robin scheduling allows your help desk to auto-assign tickets in a circular fashion to available agents by group.  Round Robin saves you the time and hassle of having to figure out who a ticket should be assigned to. No more trying to run reports or spending time calculating who the least busy agent is as your help desk will do it for you!  Round Robin will ensure that your distribution of tickets will be uniform per group and will even automatically exclude unavailable agents that might be off on vacation, sick or busy with other projects.


How Cayzu's Round Robin works:

Round Robin is enabled at the group level but will take into consideration agent's that belong to multiple groups when automatically assigning tickets. This allows an even distribution of tickets no matter of how many groups an agent belongs to.


So for example, let's take Alex, one of our support reps.  Alex belongs to two groups; Billing & Tech Support.  Both groups include 5 total agents each (Alex + 4 other agents).  Now let's assume a new support ticket comes in to the billing group and is automatically assigned to Alex using Round Robin.  Round Robin will now put Alex at the bottom of the list of the billing group (so the other 4 agents get the next four tickets before him) AS WELL as put him at the bottom of the Tech Support group (so the other 4 agents in the Tech Support group get the next four tickets ahead of him).  This allows an even distribution of work load, no matter how many groups an agent belongs too.     



To Enable Round Robin:


Step 1. Log in to your Cayzu help desk portal with an administrative account   


Step 2. Click on the Gear to access the Admin 


Step 3. Click Agents/Roles/Groups 


Step 4. Create or Select a Group 


Step 5. Name the group (If creating a new group) 


Step 6. Select the Rules (including If you want to enable Round Robin)


Step 7.  Add/modify the agents that belong in the group


Step 8. Once complete, Click Update to save the changes.


You're now all set!

Note: Round Robin will only take affect for tickets created by email.   Agent created or customer portal created tickets will NOT be considered by Round Robin distribution. 



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