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How can I integrate JIRA with Cayzu Help Desk?

Created: 11/10/2017
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The Cayzu Help Desk JIRA integration will allow you to link development bugs/issues/features from Jira to individual Cayzu Help Desk tickets.

At the Cayzu Help Desk ticket level you will be able to: 
-Link the Cayzu support ticket to an existing Jira ticket 
-Create a new ticket into Jira and then auto link it to our Cayzu support ticket 
-Assign the ticket to a Jira project, Issue Type and put in a summary and who reported it 

To set up the Jira/Cayzu Integration, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Jira Account.  

Step 2. Make note of your Domain (ex: and JIRA Username and Password (This will be needed in the Cayzu Help Desk portal)

Step 3. Log in to your Cayzu Help Desk account with an administrative account  

Step 4. Click on the Gear to access the Admin section 

Step 5. Click on App Integration

Step 6. Click on ON next to JIRA 

Step 7. Input your JIRA: Domain, Username & Password.  (Please make sure the user in Jira has one of the following groups assigned to it or you will get an error when trying to add Jira into Cayzu):  jira-administrators, site-admins, administrators

Step 8. Choose your Jira sync settings from the drop downs in the pop up. (ex: When issue status id updated in JIRA, When a comment is added in JIRA etc..) 

Step 9: When done with your settings, Click UPDATE.

Step 10: After complete and updated a JIRA icon will appear when viewing a ticket. 

Your JIRA account is now integrated with Cayzu Help Desk. 

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