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How do I create an Asset Category?

Updated: 01/04/2019
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Step 1.


The first step in creating an Asset Category is to create custom fields that will be then associated to the Asset Category.

For example, you could have an Asset Category called: "Computer" which would then have these custom fields associated to it: 

-Laptop or PC (Drop down) 
-Serial # (Alpha Numerical field) 
-Date Purchased (Calendar Control) 
-In warranty? Yes/No (Check box or Drop Down) 

To add a custom field that will then be associated to an asset follow this FAQ


Step 2.


Once you've added your custom fields, the second step will be to set up the Asset Category.  To set up a Asset Category you'd follow these steps: 

a-Log in to Cayzu help desk portal with an administrative account  

b-Click on Admin (left menu)

c-Click Manage Asset Category and then Click Add Asset Category 

d-Fill in the Category Name and Description 

e-Choose the custom field(s) that you would like to associate to the Asset Category and then Click Add Field (Repeat this step until all your desired custom fields are added)

f-Once complete Click Save.  


Step 3.


Once you've set up the Asset Category you can now associate the asset category to a company/associated contact to that company.  To do so, you'd follow these steps: 

a-Click Contacts from the top menu and then select VIEW BY COMPANY from the list 


b-Scroll down and Click Add Asset 

c-Select the Asset Category from the drop down and then fill in the appropriate asset details (From step 1 above) 

d-Once complete Click Save.

You will now have associated an asset to a particular company or to an associated contact.  






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