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How can I change my password (agent portal) or reset it?

Updated: 02/11/2019
Article #: 12

As a best practice, it's always recommended that your Cayzu password is unique to Cayzu (not used for any other vendor) and that it contains a minimum of 8 characters, with capital letters, numbers and symbols.


To change your password, follow these steps:


Step 1. Log in to the Cayzu help desk portal

Step 2. Click on your Name (in the top right corner) and Select Settings.

Step 3. Click Change Password and then follow the on-screen prompts  



If you forgot your password, follow these steps:


Step 1. Navigate to

Step 2Click on "I can't access my account" 

Step 3. Enter in your email address and Click Send Link.


A new password activation link will now be emailed to the agent.



Note: looking to change and end-user's password.  See this FAQ



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