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Can I lock down an agent to only view tickets from a specific brand?

Updated: 01/12/2018
Article #: 117

Yes, Cayzu allows you to lock down an agent to only be able to view tickets that belong to a particular brand.

To accomplish the above, follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Cayzu Help Desk account with an administrative account  

Step 2. Click on Admin from the left menu

Step 3. Click Agents/Roles/Groups from the right hand menu

Step 4. Now add a Group and assign the agent(s) that you'd like to be locked down to a specific brand 

Step 5.
Click Agents/Roles/Groups from the right hand menu and Click Edit on an agent's name that belongs to the group in Step 4 above. 


Step 6. Under Help Desk Access select Group Access and Click Update to save the change.   Repeat this step for ALL agents that are part of the Group. 

Step 7. Now from the Admin panel (Gear), Click Personalize>Help Desk Settings+Adjust Settings

Step 8. Click Assignment Rules+Manage Assignment Rules to add the following Assignment Rule:

When a ticket meets these conditions:

-Match ALL of these conditions: Checked on

-Select Condition: Brand 

-Select Condition Action: IS

-Select Value to Compare: Brand Name (that you'd like the agents to be locked down to)

Perform these actions:

-Select actions: Set Group as

-Select value to compare: Group Name (that the agents from step Step 4 belong to) 

Step 9. Done.  All tickets that now are routed into the system as part of your specified brand will now be automatically routed to your newly created Group. 


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