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Passing (forwarding) an email to your support address

Updated: 11/03/2017
Article #: 112

Not all your customers will email your Cayzu support email and instead email you personally.  

Using Cayzu's email forwarding, you can automatically create a help desk ticket for that customer by simply forwarding the email from your inbox. Cayzu will automatically match the customer to an existing contact/company in your system and if one isn't found, a new contact will be created.  

To forward an email: 

1. Select the email in your inbox (Outlook, Gmail etc..) and click Forward.

2. Optional - Enter the following Cayzu parameters at the top of the email body:



where {priority} is the priority of the ticket. Example: #priority{high} 
where {agent_email} is the agent's email address. Example: #agent_email{} 
where {status} is the status of the ticket. Example: #status{resolved}  

3. Enter the email used to create tickets in your Cayzu Help Desk in the "TO" field and click Send.

4. Done 

Note: The email address that forwards the email has to be associated with an agents account or the email will be ignored and not added as a ticket. Also, the subject must contain FW or FWD at the start for it to be processed correctly.

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