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Automatically categorizing and prioritizing tickets using assignment rules

Updated: 11/10/2017
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Your agents spend countless amount of time reading through every incoming support ticket just to categorize them, set their priority and then assign them to the correct agent in your team.  With Cayzu's built in assignment rules (or Round Robin), this can all be done automatically for you as part of an incoming work flow.  


Our automated assignment rules allow you to perform certain actions on tickets based on the conditions you specify.  For example, if you want any tickets that contain the word "refund" or "credit" to to be marked as high priority and assigned to your sales person or to a sales group, you'd set up this rule in Cayzu. 



To set up an assignment rule, follow the below steps:



Step 1. Log in to your Cayzu help desk account with an administrative account 

Step 2
. Click on the Gear (left menu)

Step 3. Click Manage Assignment Rules

Step 4
. Click Add New Rule and a form for creating the rule will be displayed

Step 5
. Enter an appropriate name and description 

Step 6
. Choose to either Match ALL or ANY of the conditions and then choose a condition & condition action from the drop downs followed by the ticket value (In the below screenshot you'll see: Condition: Subject, Condition action: Contains & Ticket value: refund)

You can create multiple conditions by clicking Add New Condition.  


Step 7. Now define the Actions that you want the ticket to take and select the outcome (In the below screenshot you'll see: Action: Set Priority as and the outcome as: High. 

You can create multiple actions by clicking Add New Action.

Step 8
. Once you are complete, Click Save to save the rule. 



Note: Assignment through Round Robin is also available.  


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