How can I merge a ticket?

Updated: 11/21/2019
Article #: 63

The merge function is used when you want to merge two or many tickets into one.  Use cases could include wanting to merge tickets from a user who put in duplicate tickets or merging tickets from different requesters that are all experiencing the same issue.  


Please follow these steps to merge tickets.


Step 1. Login to Cayzu help Desk portal


Step 2. Click on Tickets (left menu)


Step 3. Click on the ticket ID/subject for the ticket you would like to be the primary ticket when merging (This ticket will remain open)


Step 4. Click MERGE


Step 5. Now either specify a ticket number or select one or many ticket(s) that you'd like to merge into the ticket selected in Step 3 above and Click Merge. 



Note: This action cannot be undone so please be certain you want to perform the merge


Note2: The requester(s) email address from the ticket that was merged/automatically resolved (non primary ticket) will be appended as a CC to the merged ticket. 



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