Ticket dependencies (dependency) explained

Updated: 11/21/2019
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Dependencies is the relationship between tickets. 

Using dependencies can help you better understand which tickets should be completed before others or if they are related. 

For example, your firm is hiring a new employee and this new employee needs both a new Active Directory account as well as a new computer.  You've created 2 seperate tickets for the tasks and now you want to ensure that the visual relationship between them is clear.

Using dependencies, you can now link the tickets together. 


To set up the dependency follow the below: 

1. Log in to your help desk portal
2. Create 2 tickets (one for Active Directory setup and another for the new computer).  Make note of both ticket numbers. 
3. From the Active Directory ticket, scroll down to the "Dependencies" section:



4. Click add and choose the dependency type of "Blocks" and specify the Ticket # (From step 2 above)


Note: Dependency types explained:


Blocks: Used to indicate if this ticket is "blocking" another ticket from being completed 

Is Blocked By: Used to indicate that another ticket is "blocking" this ticket from being completed.




5. Click Save


You have now indicated that the "Active Directory set up" ticket is blocking the "new computer set up ticket" from getting completed.  In other words, the "Active Directory set up " ticket should be completed BEFORE the "new computer set up ticket".



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