How do I Integrate Cayzu with Slack ?

Updated: 11/21/2019
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Cayzu allows you to automatically sync your tickets into your company's Slack channels.

To enable the integration follow these steps:

Step 1.Log in to your Cayzu Help Desk portal with an administrative account 

Step 2. Click on the Gear 

Step 3. Click on App Integration 

Step 4. Click ON next to the Slack icon 

Step 5. Authorize the Slack App and you'll be returned to your Cayzu portal.


Step 6. Select the desired Slack Channels that you would like your tickets posted to and Click Save.


Step 7. From the left menu, Click Personalize and then Manage Assignment Rules 


Step 8. Click Add New Rule


Step 9. Specify a Rule Name and Description (For example: Slack Assignment rules - Pushes tickets to slack)


Step 10. Specify the conditions for the assignment.  For example


Step 11. Under Actions, select the Action and the Slack Channel that you desire to push the message to.


Step 12. Click Save 


Step 13. Now Create a new Ticket matching the conditions that you specified in Step 10 above and Click Save.  


Step 14.  Now log in to your Slack Account to confirm that the ticket was pushed to your appropriate Slack channel.  



You are now all set! Your tickets will now be passed to Slack automatically.  



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