Configuring Single Sign On (SSO) / Remote Authentication in Cayzu

Updated: 12/07/2021
Article #: 185

Cayzu allows you to authenticate to your agent portal and end-user portal using Single Sign On (SSO).

Steps to enable Simple SSO:

Step 1. Login to Cayzu help desk portal with an administrative account  

Step 2. Click on Admin (left side menu) to access the Admin section  

Step 3. Click on Single Sign On (End-User) or Single Sign On (Agent)  

Step 4. Check on "Simple SSO (Single Sign On)"  


Simple SSO

We require a few parameters when using the Simple SSO. Below are the required variables that you need to pass to Cayzu SSO endpoint for authentication.


Parameters Defined:

Name: The full name of the user logging in.

Email: A valid email address needs to be passed. If no user exist with this email, Cayzu will create an account for them.

Timestamp: The UTC timestamp of when the user attempts to log in remotely in seconds since epoch.

Hash: An HMAC-MD5 encryption of Name, Secret key, Email and Timestamp done using the shared secret key.


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