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Can I create a support ticket for a customer without having to email them?

Updated: 11/03/2017
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Yes, with the Cayzu Help desk solution you can create a new support ticket for a customer (or agents) without having to email them on the initial creation of the ticket.  This is useful when an agent is creating a ticket for a customer/agent that doesn't yet know about the problem (agent noticed it first) and/or if the agent wanted to first call the customer to explain the issue before sending an email.


To accomplish this follow these steps:


Step 1. Log in to your Cayzu helpdesk account

Step 2
. Click on the "New" orange button and select New Ticket

Step 3.
Fill in the ticket details (Contact, Assignee, Ticket Type etc..)

Step 4.
Now un-check: Send email about ticket creation 




Step 5. Once complete Click Save to create the ticket.  (This will only omit the initial email alerting the customer of the new ticket creation.  The customer will still get agent reply emails)  

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