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How can I create my own or public custom ticket filter views ?

Updated: 09/13/2018
Article #: 197

Cayzu allows administrators to create and manage views for themselves or for all agents in their help desk.  Administrators can choose to hide or edit views as well. 


To create a private or public custom view, follow these steps; 


Step 1. Login to your Cayzu help desk portal

Step 2. Click Tickets (from the left menu)


Step 3. Click Manage next to View





Step 4. Specify the View Name and choose the display conditions that you want to use.



Step 5.  Now choose the fields from the drop down that you want to display in the column for the new view




Step 6.  (Optional) Drag and drop fields to re-arrange the order of the columns in your new view.


Step 7. Now select if this view will be public (all agents) or private (Myself Only).




Note: Making it public (all agents) will display this view to ALL agents in your help desk.  Making it private (Myself Only) will make it visible to yourself only.



Step 7. Once complete, Click Save to create the new view.





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