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How can I add Highrise Integration into Cayzu Help Desk?

Updated: 11/10/2017
Article #: 109

Cayzu allows you the agent to view more information about your customer. We pull extra contact details from Highrise and display them in your agent portal when viewing a ticket.

To setup the Highrise Integration, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Cayzu helpdesk account with an administrative account  

Step 2. Click on the Sprocket

Step 3. Click on App Integration

Step 4. Click on On next to Highrise.

Step 5. You will be prompted for your Highrise domain (Ex. if your Highrise URL is, you would enter only mycompany) and api.

Step 6. Click Update and you should be all set.

Now when you are viewing a ticket you can click additional details, and it will retrieve more information about the customer from Highrise if available.


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